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Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India

Rajat Gupta, Developer, QMS Creatives

Mr. Rajat Gupta has started QMS Creatives as an online marketing consultant. He is working for as an internet marketing consultant since Year 2000, and has helped many individuals, companies and industries, no matter big or small, to develop existence on the internet. He has helped many clients to boost their sales, leads or enquiries, by using full potential of internet marketing. He least follows, the traditions trends created by internet marketing gurus, or search engines, but creates his own trends, and are unique, fast and powerful enough to generate response quickly.

Email: support@qmscreatives.com

9 Unique Internet Marketing Ideas, that sets us apart from the rest !

We Do Not Chase Top 10 Rankings.

We do not chase top 10 results on google, we target community based keywords, that actual people are searching for, as per their requirements.

We Do Not Follow The Herd.

Rankings appearing on the 1st page of google, are the result of actual keywords used by the people, who already know about the product.

More Rankings, More Results

Instead of fighting hard for getting rankings for your products on the 1st page of google, and getting only 1 link, and that too if you are lucky, we get 2-3 links of your websites or products, thus capturing 3-4 links out of 10.

MR. Sanjay Mehta

He is responsible for all offline marketing activities, customer service enquiries, Website related tasks and Public Relations.

Sanjay Mehta is a Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer and Life Coach . He was born on 12 Dec. 1969. He is working in the field of Personal Development since 1999. He believes that right way of thinking is leads to right attitude. His workshops and seminars include his past participants and personal life experience. Amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. His sessions are designed to infuse tremendous dynamism and vigour into the participants, to make them more Productive.

Email: info@qmscreatives.com

Mr. Rohit Garg

He is currently heading QMS Creatives offline marketing team and is extensively involved in Research & Development of new products.

He also takes care of Quality control and is responsible for purchasing and checking all the products that we promote on QMS Creatives for high standards and performance, as to whether the products are worth their price or not. He has been traveling to Many Locations in India, such as Dheradun, Gorakhpur and other Low Profile Locations to gather knowledge, as to how people are using internet, to fulfill their business growth needs and solutions.

Email: info@qmscreatives.com