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‘Digital Marketing SEO Consultant IMR Starter or
Instant Marketing Response for Companies or Individuals’

IMR Starter or Instant Marketing Response, for Companies or Individuals,
Who are familiar with Internet Marketing, but wish to start with limited budget.

“For Companies or Individuals, who want to start from scratch, IMR Starter is the best possible package, filled with unique SEO tools to create a brand on the internet. ”

This package is low budget and provides value and Return on Investment, for every fund you spend. Creating an established brand, this package can help you generate sales, leads or enquiries instantly.

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Instant Response for Internet Marketing :

  • Based on actual users, who have bought this package, check out 6 steps below, that will help you to take your decision for buying a bit more easier.
  • Clients are from reputed Companies or Organizations, are using IMR Starter, to generate high traffic for their websites, thus resulting in more sales, leads and enquiries.

About IMR or Instant Marketing Response

Category : All Product Categories are Applicable for Marketing

This user-friendly, easy to use and semi automatic package, helps your website to gain genuine website traffic from Google’s 1st Page Rankings, along with real human traffic from Facebook Campaigns, both for free and paid. You can easily track your Return on Investment, Google Traffic Analytics Data, Ranking and Movement of Your Keywords or Key Phrases, on the 1st Page of Google, all in once place from your website dashboard. No need to spend your time visiting the other places to check your rankings, traffic or other SEO data.

Our website dashboard, Ensures Providing Accurate Real Time, Website Traffic and Ranking Data, that you can check live on Google or other Resources. With this Real Time SEO Data, you can easily check daily, weekly or monthly visits to your website. You can even find out, which pages of your website are being visited more, which keywords are ranking on the 1st page of google. The most powerful feature of IMR, is that it will tell you, which keywords or key phrases, are your website You visitors are searching for, that you have not even promoted ! This will help you to outsmart your competition, by using these keywords or key phrases, in your content, thus boosting your sales, leads or enquires.

IMR or Instant Marketing Response Starter

Provided By: QMS Creatives
Author Information: Rajat Gupta

Why Are People Interested In This Package ?

Low Maintenance 95%
Good Customer Support 90%
Product Works as Presented 97%
webmasters india Internet marketing tools

6 Steps to Consider Before Buying IMR Starter Internet Marketing Package

Digital Marketing SEO Consultant in India | QMS Creatives

Target Domain Research

The very 1st Step is to buy a domain name that is super targeted for the country, city or area, where you wish to promote your website, or get business, sales, leads or enquiries from.

Website Hosting

The 2nd Step is to buy website hosting, where your website will be uploaded, thus becoming visible to all the people on internet. We suggest buying Linux based hosting, because our SEO Tools work very well on Linux hosted servers.

Website Development

The 3rd Step is to develop a beautiful, responsive, to the point, product or service specific website,to showcase you products or services, in such a compelling way, that you website visitors,will surely buy or send enquiries for your products or services.

Ranking Preparation & Upload

Once all the content and data has been properly organized on you website, that is 4th Step, we then prepare the website for ranking on the 1st page of google. Please note, that we first prepare the content for website and for ranking on 1st page offline first, then once we confidently find the website fit for acquiring 1st page rankings, we finally upload the website. This is our specialty, that we do not upload the website 1st, and then prepare the website for 1st page rankings, instead we prepare the website offline for 1st page rankings, then upload the website.

Submitting to Google

This is the 5th Step, One the website is live and prepared for 1st Page Google Rankings, we then submit the website to google, in the form of creating a google search console account, and submitting your website’s, sitemap.xml, robots.txt file and finally verifying your website with google. We also create google google’s analytics account for your website.

Facebook Advertising

In the 6th Step we create your facebook page on our network, as to introduce your company, brand, products or services to our genuine followers of more than 100,000 people. We create engaging content, and create posts using your products or services,that are displayed on your website. Our Super Targeted & Focused, engagement is so strong, that people click on your post, and visit your website, thus resulting in sales, leads or enquiries. We also create Facebook Ads, in necessary.

Bonus : Optin Forms

People who visit your website, either via 1st Page Google Rankings, or Facebook, will be presented with a pop up form, that will request them to fill their name and email address. The data will be sent to your email address. You can save this data in an excel file, and send regular offers, discounts and any other information from time to time.

IMR Starter Pricing & Other Information

INR 135000.00

Clients Served: 1238

  • 1 Target Specific Domain
  • 1 5GB Linux Hosting
  • 1 WordPress Website
  • Unlimited Content
  • 1st Page “On Page SEO”
  • Facebook Page Creation
  • 90 Days  Facebook Engagement
  • 90 Days Facebook Content Posting
  • Unlimited Lead Capture Optin Pop Up

Since Our Order Book is now full, we are not taking any fresh orders. We believe in Quality and Commitments to be fulfilled, and too on time. We do not go for Quantity or false commitments.

Clients Who Are Using Our Services

Getting good sales, leads & daily enquiries.

webmasters india Internet marketing tools