Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India
Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India

Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India : QMS Creatives By Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant in India, is a well established brand, having a base of more that 500+ Clients Globally. Using the full potential of internet marketing, and generating good amount of business for myself and my clients.

With over 16 years of experience working as a freelancer i have been a Internet Marketer Consultant. My unique search engine strategies & techniques, increase your online reach, strengthens your brand equity, help achieve stronger business results and generate greater profitability. Being one of the leading Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India, My approach is based around working with your company on an ongoing basis to continue to adapt and stay ahead of your competitors, on Internet marketplace. I combine experienced talent with world-class technologies to efficiently create marketing programs that truly perform.

So, what is special about our internet marketing ?

We have more than 9 reasons, as to why we are different.

Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant India : QMS Creatives is a brand and a project developed by Freelancer Web Developer & Internet Marketer: Rajat Gupta, as a Unique platform for internet marketing, using a bit different approach, towards getting sales, leads and enquries for customers, looking to create an established brand name on the internet.

Having an experience for more than 16 Years now, and being one of the leading Digital Marketing freelancer Consultant in India, i had teamed up with one of the best Information Networks such as, Amazon, JVzoo & Clickbank. These Associates give you the best internet marketing products, by top rated sellers, internet marketing specialists, thus providing more sales, business and increased traffic for my clients. From time we will be sending you information related to the latest SEO trends, along with Do It Yourself internet marketing tools and softwares, to drive more sales and super targeted traffic to your website, blog or ecommerce websites.


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9 Unique Internet Marketing Ideas, that sets us apart from the rest !

Just do not take our word for it, check the testimonials from all my clients and get motivated !

We Do Not Chase Top 10 Rankings.

We do not chase top 10 results on google, we target community based keywords, that actual people are searching for, as per their requirements. There are tons of people, who want products as per their needs, so what we do is, that we take your products to those people, and get good sales and business, and the best of all goodwill, that creates a trust for your brand name on the internet, and repeat orders.

We Do Not Follow The Herd.

Rankings appearing on the 1st page of google, are the result of actual keywords used by the people, who already know about the product. We on the other hand, create awareness about you product, and target new people, who actually need your products, not by popularity but for need.

More Rankings, More Results

Instead of fighting hard for getting rankings for your products on the 1st page of google, and getting only 1 link, and that too if you are lucky, we get 2-3 links of your websites or products, thus capturing 3-4 links out of 10. This way you can increase your chances of getting more click to your websites.

We Do Not Force Visitors to Buy

We do not force your website visitors, to buy your products. Instead we we guide people, as to how your products can help improve their life or fulfill their requirements. This way you have a win win situation. Because even if the website visitor does not buy the product, the visitor will definitely save your website contact information or even bookmark your website.

We Capture Each & Every Lead

We create a super communication network with the visitors to your website in the form of header contacts, request call backs, send enquiry forms, directly email contacts, optin forms, so that you can capture each and every lead possible. We also provide the contact information on the description of each ranking on google, so that people can call or send email queries directly from the description.

Track ROI All at One Place

Our website dashboard provides the best tools to check your website rankings, google analytics data, country wise traffic details, on board security and automatic updates. These reports are sent to your email address daily. So no need to go anywhere else to get all the reports.

After Sales & Customer Commitment

Where all other websites fail, your project wins. Because our trust or commitments does not simply end, once your website visitor buys or sends an enquiry from your website. We use automatic feedback tools, that send monthly, emails, asking for feedback from your customers, thus keeping an engagement with your customers. This even results in repeat orders and goodwill for your company.

Creating Engagements for Customers

We use points, rewards or discounts network, directly posted to your social media platforms, such as facebook, pinterest, twitter, quora, google plus communities,along with engaging content, to bring consistent traffic to your websites, thus resulting in more sales, leads and enquiries.

Total Domination for eCommerce Websites

For ecommerce websites to be successful, we have a unique product called total domination, that has resulted in huge sales both offline and online, creating a powerful brand development network all over the internet. Powerful exposure of your brand, product or services is created on each and every platform.