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December 12, 2014

Tips for Blogspot Bloggers to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Tips for Blogspot Bloggers to Improve Search Engine RankingsTips for Blogspot Bloggers to Improve Search Engine Rankings

Blogger (Blogspot) Bloggers can build site traffic and in many cases improve SEO – search engine optimization. By implementing these steps you will improve the likelihood of your site ranking more highly in search engine results of major search engine players Google, Yahoo and MSN and as a result increase the number of visitors accessing your site.

1. Make Your Title Tags Search Engine Friendly To Improve Search Engine Rankings

One of the most important tweaks necessary for Blogspot Blogs is theadjustment of the title tags of your website because Blogger.com by default has not optimized these for search engines. To prove this point navigate to an individual post on your blog and you will see that the blogname appears first in the title bar at the top of your browser followed by the post name. As search engines place greater value on the first words of an entry this puts your site at a disadvantage in search engine results. Fortunately it is easy to reverse the blog name and the post name with a simple tweak.

2. Create Search Engine Friendly Permalinks To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Blogger automatically generates a permalink based on the title of your post each time you make a post. For this reason it is important tocraft your title carefully. Permalinks are sometimes less than ideal especially if you have a long title. Take for example the following permalink for one of my posts:


You will see that it is search engine friendly in that in contains 2 keywords blogger and permalinks. However you may be surprised to know that How to Create Search Engine Friendly Permalinks for Blogger Posts is actually the title of this post not Improved Permalinks for Blogger Posts. I have initially used a title that is keyword rich and then after publishing gone back and entered a more descriptive title. No matter how many times I change the title the original permalink remains.

3. Add a Social Networking Button to Your Blog Is Essential For Bloggers to Improve Search Engine Rankings

By adding a Social Bookmarking button to your website you will enable visitors to your blog to create links to popular social bookmarking sites such as Google, Technorati, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Delicious, Furl, Yahoo etc. This means that visitors to your site will be able share these links with others thereby helping you attract more traffic to your site and encourage return visits.
Another benefit of a social bookmarking button is that you will be able to identify visitor trends and social bookmarking behaviour on your site.

4. Submit a Sitemap of Your Blog to Popular Search Engines

If attracting traffic to your site is important to you then it is imperative that you ensure that your Blogger (Blogspot) blog isproperly indexed by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. One way to expedite this is to submit a sitemap to each of three major search engines. Please refer to my tutorials on website submission, authenticating your site and adding your site feed to Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools and MSN Tools.

5. Build Quality Links Is Crucial For Bloggers to Improve Search Engine Rankings

If you want to rank highly in Google and other search engines then you need to generate quality in-bound links. That doesn’t mean exchanging links with everything and everyone as I see some new webmasters do. A few quality links from authoritative sites will boost your page rankings quickly and are far superior to a bunch of links from low ranking sites.
There are several good ways to generate links to your blog. One easy way is to to submit your site to blog directories. For more information on recommended blog directories please see my article Submit Your Blogger Blog to Blog Directories. Another way to cultivate in-bound links is to submit your best articles to article directories. A third possibility is to actively participate in forums and on other related blogs where commenting affords you the option of adding a link to your site.

6. Write Quality Content and Post Frequently

If you have read any articles on the subject of Blogging and SEO you will no doubt have observed writers emphasising the importance ofquality content. I can’t stress enough how much return visits depend on providing inducements to visitors to come back. If your site content is well written and informative half the battle is won. Make sure you post frequently so that visitors can see the value of subscribing in a reader. Take some care with the presentation of your content and images as this will present a professional
image. Avoid common pitfalls like bad grammar and spelling mistakes which stand out like a sore toe and detract from a visitor’s overall positive experience of your site.
One leading professional blogger Yaro Starak recommends the use ofpillar articles. These are articles that don’t change over time and continue to attract visitors. The best pillar articles explain some concept, provide definitions, give advice or present some argument. Your site needs to have at least 5 pillar articles and more if you can manage it. Pillar articles need to be more than 500 words long, crafted to generate interest and provide a welcome resource to your visitors.

7. Ensure Your Content is Keyword Rich

Apart from the quality of your content there is the question ofkeyword density. The more keyword rich your posts are the greater the likelihood they will appear higher in search engine results. This means it is worth the effort of crafting your content in such a way that you make use of important keywords and keyword phrasesfrequently used. Don’t go overboard however as Google is smart enough to recognise if your pages are littered with keywords and nothing much else. A useful free SEO tool to help you optimise your site using keywords and labels is Google Adwords. Another good tool to help you quickly craft keyword rich material
is Live Keyword Analysis which assesses the keyword density of keywords and keyword phrases of any post you paste into the analysis box.
When writing posts make sure your opening sentence describes what the article is about and contains your keywords and keyword phrases. It is important that your first sentence is keyword rich as search engines like Google give more emphasis to content at the beginning of the post. Also it is worth including a short ending statement about the content of the post as there is some evidence that Google also places value on the content at the end of the post.


Tips for Blogspot Bloggers to Improve Search Engine Rankings
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