My Self Publishing Revolution Reviews For Beginner AND Advanced Publishers!

The techniques and tricks explained in this video course will fit the novice as well as the experienced  marketer.

The most comprehensive, sought after and copied Kindle Publishing training program on the internet. Proven Methods.

There is a scientific way to go about finding profitable keywords. No guessing or testing needed: learn the method which works 100% of times. This video course focuses on both the digital and paper aspect of a Self Publishing Business. Get 2 sources of income for the same book!



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For Beginner AND Advanced Publishers!

Everybody can earn money with a Self Publishing Business. Whether you are a complete beginner or a fairly advanced publisher, this video course will help you immensely. Don’t deviate from what I teach and you will see result within days.

Amazon Kindle Self Publishing training program

Main Features

  • #1 Find Crazily Profitable Keywords
    There is a scientific way to go about finding profitable keywords. No guessing or testing needed: learn the method which works 100% of times.
  • #2 Learn The Right Price Strategy
    Price is extremely important, especially for the paper version of your books. The 99% of publishers leave thousands of dollars on the table. You won’t, after this course.
My Self Publishing Revolution Reviews
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