Insight Hero Reviews Facebook Ultimate Research Tool:

Find Every Niche Keyword with a Single Click, Build Super Targeted Audiences & Launch Your ads !

Insight Hero Gets More Facebook Insights Profitable Data in just 15 Seconds than your Competition could in a Lifetime

You see, Facebook has been hiding all the best and most profitable data from us. In fact millions of buyers have been just out of reach, invisible to the average FB marketer.  But now, a simple tool I developed out of pure frustration has unlocked them – all of them.



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From Simple Keyword to Unlocking Mass Niches in 15 Seconds…Forget the Boring, Old Ways of Marketing on Facebook…What you’ve just witnessed, truly is the holy grail of Facebook marketing tools.

It’s the first ever of it’s kind, turning what used to take hours into a simple process that takes just mere minutes. It allows you to dive deep into hidden markets and target people on Facebook like never before – and like your competition simply can’t. It’s like a key to unlocking the true potential of Facebook ads and audiences, backed by strategies and techniques that have pulled in well over 1.4 million dollars in just the last 2 years. We call it Insight Hero and it will completely revolutionize the speed and effectiveness at which you can launch highly targeted, highly profitable campaigns.

No matter your niche, if there’s a way to target it on Facebook, Insight Hero will find it and unearth virtually every relevant interest, job, employer, major and more with the click of a button.

  • Interests – Finds hundreds of directly related interests that are impossible to even know exist without hours of laborious research.
  • Job Titles – Want every targetable “engineering” job title on Facebook?  They’re yours with a single click.
  • Employers – Imagine being able to find everybody on Facebook that works at a hospital or a fire department – you can do that – again with one click!
  • Education Majors – Want every targetable “nursing” major on Facebook?  They’re yours in just a few seconds.

What Could YOU Do With the Keys to Every Niche on Facebook?

Unearth Every Niche Keyword with a Single Click, Build Hyper Targeted Audiences and Launch Your ads…

We simply took some of the most popular and even some of the most obscure niches in Facebook and ran them through Insight Hero.  We then placed all directly related interests into the the Audience Builder to get exact audience sizes – the total number of potential buyers within these niches… And remember, all of these were generated in under 30 seconds and with a single click!

You can get started minutes from now.

Step #1 – Enter Any Keyword Insight Hero Uncovers Every Possible Targeting Opportunity in Seconds..Visit this link Insight Hero Reviews : Insight Hero

Here’s the really cool part:

No matter your niche, if there’s a way to target it on Facebook, Insight Hero will find it and unearth virtually every relevant interest, job, employer, major and more with the click of a button.

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My own views on Insight Hero Reviews Facebook Ultimate Research Tool

I have bought this product, found it very useful also. It seems to be a good tool to target facebook fans for your products and services. I have checked this products and found it very powerful and fast. However a bit of advanced set of skills are required for this product. You can easily learn and join. This product is best for people who already have enough knowledge of affiliate marketing, subscriptions, images, a little bit of email marketing & editing, at the same time, want to increase website traffic, sales, leads and conversions to their already developed website or who are planning to develop a new one.

Product Information Did I Buy Yes, I have Bought It
Is it Useful Yes, Seems to be Useful
Did I Earn Yes, I have earned more sales and open subscribers for my email campaigns
Price Protection Refund Available Yes, Absolutely
Refund Duration Within 2 Day
Opportunity Unlimited
Product Availability
Product URL Click here
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Try Insight Hero Unlimited for 30 Days !

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