Some of the Recent Projects Lauched

Bliss Ayurveda India

Good Collection of very effective ayurvedic medicines, manufactured by Bliss Ayurveda

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Launch Month/Year:  January, 2016

Manufacturing and Export of Herbal Food supplements & Ayurveda medicines, came into existence in 2006.

Heer Jewels

Heer Jewels by Nandlal D Sons Jewellers has stood up for a lifetime of faith.

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Launch Month/Year:  December, 2015

Faith in knowing that our original birth stones and diamond jewellery  all bear the highest global standards of purity excellence and design.

Naranji Cleaners

No need to clean hands with Carcinogenic Solvents, Messy and ineffective Soap Cleaners.

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Launch Month/Year:  November, 2015

Naranji Multi Purpose Industrial Hand Cleaner  is a scrubbing and sanitizing hand cleaner for use in harsh industrial and commercial environments.

Nandlald D Sons Jewellers

Nandlal D Sons jewelers,  has been the leading jewelers in Original Birth Stones.

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Launch Month/Year:  September, 2015

With word of our quality and workmanship traveling across India and abroad, we continue to craft originality in birth stones from enchanting, unique designs that adorn the aristocrats of the modern world.

Ignite the Fire Event

Foot stepping performances by beautiful and astound performers, who are blessed with talent.

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Launch Month/Year:  November, 2015

This is a unique opportunity to see your amazing favorite stars in the Latest Upcoming Events in Gurgaon, and mingle. This is going to be an historic entertainment music and dance event.

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