Online Learning Content Development Tools
May 5, 2015

Online Learning Content Development Tools

Online Learning Content Development Tools : Today, e-learning is an absolute necessity for businesses operating in different industry sectors as well as for educational institutions the world over. E-learning or electronic learning courses are highly popular mainly due to its ability to engage learners and enhance audience participation. Being so popular, quality e-learning module developers are high in demand. Due to stringent market competition, developers and designers have to face the challenge of creating unique and highly engaging content to meet their client requirements. However, to deliver quality work, course authors – the developers and designers, need sound knowledge of e-learning tools. Here’s a brief look at some of the most useful and highly productive content development tools for e-learning that are intrinsic for e-course authoring and instructional designing projects.

Online Learning Content Development Tools

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    Web search tools use seek bots

    Wikispaces: One of the best e-learning applications available from Wiki, it’s a tool that’s generally used to build as well as modify a series of websites which are interconnected. The main purpose of this application is to facilitate users to easily and conveniently collaborate for sharing of knowledge and expertise as well as facilitate online learning as a whole. With content sharing right available, experts can add specialist tips, explanations as well as opinions to a business oraganization’s or an institution’s Wiki.

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    Dimdim revolutionized the concept

    This application is available in several pricing options. Dimdim: Recently acquired by Salesforce.com, Dimdim revolutionized the concept of online video conferences and webinars, tools which are intrinsic to modern e-learning content development practices.

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    Web application

    Dimdim offers a web application that’s hosted through cloud servers making it flexible as well as convenient to users. To use this e-learning application, you don’t need to download software or any additional file.

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Online Learning Content Development Tools

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Online Learning Content Development Tools

Users can take advantage of video conferencing

Users can take advantage of its video conferencing or sharing facilities simply by connecting to this application online. However, the best feature of this application is its ‘collaborative’ feature. Institutions offering e-learning courses utilize this feature which enables students and teachers to interact with each other via an online ‘whiteboard’. This unique feature makes this tool one of the favorites in e-learning content development arena.

Most popular web designing tool

Flash: This is by far the most popular web designing tool used by instructional designers the world over. It is widely used in e-learning platforms, helping module designers to create interactive games, environments, and simulations that confirm with modern online-educational standards. Mindmeister: Traditional learning helps to create mind maps enabling the learner to understand the fundamentals of the topic taught in the classroom.

In case of e-learning

In case of e-learning, the same experience is offered through virtual interaction via internet. Hence, for proper understanding, the content developed should be more visually engaging and interactive. Mindmeister helps e-learning course developers to utilize its unique features and develop content that’s ‘highly effective’ for online courses.

E Learning Content Development

E-learning content development is different from both financial and technical content development. It requires specialists to author and design e-content. The knowledge of different e-learning tools certainly keeps developers informed and helps them to stay on top.

A news coverage foundation is exceptionally useful

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Online Learning Content Development Tools
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