Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media
April 10, 2016

Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media

Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media :
Use the power of social media to bring traffic to website & boost sales!

Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media
Loads of Traffic from Social Media With Conversions

Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media !

Stop following the traditional internet marketing ways such organic search, trying to get backlinks, using the on page approach to get traffic for your website and hoping for the leads to convert into sales. Get ready to Move with the trends. Use the power of social media, to get loads of traffic to your website. But make sure to prepare your website content, in such a manner that the traffic is sure to convert into leads. let’s us check some proven tools, that have been working for me, to generate good traffic to my clients websites and getting good business.

Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media

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Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media :

Social media such us Facebook, Twitter, Quora can get targeted website traffic!

In some ways, internet marketing is a beautiful process. You have the wisdom and knowledge that only comes with experience. You develop more content and information for your customers or clients. You get to sit back and let these tools do their job. Luckily, Social Media can prove to be an set it and forget approach, for creating targeted traffic, that will be sent to your website. Let us learn about these tools and how to create permanent audience for your websites.

The Traditional Approach

Using organic search on page rankings approach for websites, has always been there and has proven to be the best till date. But you can convert the lead or ranking into sales and enquiry on your websites ranking on the 1st page itself ! Simply by placing the contact email address and phone number on the description of each of your product or service, people can contact you there and then, without even vising your website.

Facebook Marketing

Creating a facebook page is now a bit old, but getting people to the page and like it, is still alive and kicking. You can even create facebook paid ads to target target audience, and send then straight to your website, by using the “Send people to website” ad campaign. I have been using this from the past and still using it,to send people to my clients websites.

Lead Capturing

The 2nd step after you have sent the people from facebook ads to your website, create an optin form, to capture the email address, phone number or any other information that you require your website visitor to fill. This really helps in building a database of permanent website visitors,that you can convert to potential customers later on.


Once you have the email address and other information of your website visitors, you can simply call or email them, by asking them about the purpose of their visit to your website,and how you can help them with the information or services that you can provide to them.

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Increase Website SEO Traffic Using Social Media
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