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Building Brands Online & Generating Business For Clients
Result oriented & proven internet marketing techniques, helping customers
to generate good business opportunities via internet.

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QMS Creatives, a leading search engine marketing service provider India.

Used by 400+ small businesses, industries & corporations in India, for marketing in search engines, U.S, U.K, Canada & More..

Search Engine Marketing & Consultation. My search engine strategies & techniques, increase your online reach, strengthens your brand equity, help achieve stronger business results and generate greater profitability. My approach is based around working with your company on an ongoing basis to continue to adapt and stay ahead of your competitors, on Internet marketplace. I combine experienced talent with world-class technologies to efficiently create marketing programs that truly perform.

:: So how to generate business via internet ?


Get most of your website links on the 1st page of Google
More links on the 1st page of Google, means more business opportunities.


Full exposure of your brand, company or business on internet.


Fully compatible and regularly updated with Google’s algorithm.


Rated 5 out of 5 by many clients.


Only safe SEO methods that lead to lasting results.


Successfully used by hundreds of businesses in India, New Jersey, UK and Canada.



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Join me, and follow 5 simple steps, to generate
business from your website:


I design full Google Seo compliant websites, following white hat rules, absolutely no spamming.



I target Google AD Words keywords and promote them in organic search Google results.



I use the most searched keywords suiting your business, that have high competition.



I track your results on Goggle's 1st page with 5-6 links of your website, and send you the report every month.



I guide you to Outsmart Your Competitors, coz if your website
has 5-6 links, out of the 10 Goggle's result on the 1st page,
your competitions do not stand a chance.



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:: So who is using my services ?

Check this list below, call them and ask them about my services. get my feedback.

* List updated on 28th June 2014.

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:: What my clients say about me !






QMS has been able to deliver projects with expertise, well within time and budgets.


The company comes forth with suggestions from time to time to make the websites vibrant and progressive.


Overall I can say fantastic way of
working you have. which will take you top.


Your understanding of internet
marketing is excellent. Good service.


Ashok Talwar, IIPC


Vikram Sharma, Mystic Mukteshwar


Jatin Agarwal, Chem India


Amit Mishra, President, IPCA Online






Good job, u always have a view to see things differently and hence making things more easier for your clients.


Your internet marketing skills are very good. Keep on updating yourself.


Rajat Jee makes my online business experience as comfortable as possible !


The SEO on Papa's website is working very well! Well done!


Ankit Agarwal, Tulin Pharma


Yash Bhalla, Krishna YPB


Sanjay Mehta, CEO, Teckmart


Bhavya Mangla


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